basilicataBasilicata the seventh smallest area and population density even the second smallest region of Italy is still unknown novelty on our market. The region is mostly mountainous in the north is the extinct volcano Monte Vulture, several rivers overflow through the region and the lakes complete the scenery. Basilicata has an interesting position – with its coast it touches in the west of  Tyrrhenian Sea and Ionian Sea in the east The beaches are beautiful, not too affected by tourism on the Tyrrhenian coast mainly rocky with small romantic beaches and coves, sandy in the east.

In this area accommodations that are novelty in our catalog. Although today the region is sparsely populated and in the interior you can find abandoned places, in the past it wasn´t like now. The region was settled from the times of Paeolit , the evidences are many archaeological finds .In 13 century Bc ”Lycia” from country of Danube began to move here (after which the country received the name Lucania) and later the country was enriched by Greeks, who built the cities in river basins: the most famous Metaponto, Heraclea and Posidonia. The emigration from the region came laer because of economic problems as the people are living mainly from agriculture and industry wasn´t deployed here.

But the handicrafts stayed, especially pottery, woodwork and textilwork and nowdays the services related with tourism are interesting. The region has two provinces : Potenza and Matera, each with the part of coast and distinctive charm. Potenza is in the west mountainous with 30km long coast. City Maratea, the gem of the coast has a panoramic position in the Gulf of Policastro at the foot of the mountain Mont San Biagio and also it is called pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Breath-taking combination of greenery, small beaches and rocky coves crysstalline waters whrere sea caves lure you to dive. You shouldn´t miss the monastry from 17. century dedicated to St. Francis and unforgettable panoramic view is offered from the top, where the statue of Christ stands – the symbol of town Maratea.

The interior of Potenza province are inhospitable hills with middlesea vegetation, lakes Monte Cotungo, Pertusillo, Redina and Monticcho. There is small part of national park Pollino, which continues in neighbouring region Calabria. Matera province is similar with environment, but here are archaeological sites from Greek period important and also, there are immaculate beaches. The Capital city Matera is carved from stone and it belongs to World Heritage List Unesco. There are underground caves, buildings connected with stairs and many churches in hard reach places carved into the rocks or in the original caves. You will be impressed by cathedral from white rock built in Romanesque style.

The whole Basilicata region is ideal not only for spending the holidays on the beach, it offers hiking and cycling tourism. There are many paths linked with neighboring regions Puglia and Calabria, for siklled and less skilled cyclists, which allow you to discover the hidden corners of this region, its towns built in incredible formation on inhospitable rocks or in the middle of the forest green. Even hikers can travel to the hearth of Basilicata “Little Dolomites”. Don´t forget to try local specialties and taste the local wines.

If you want to visit this Italian region, select from the menu: Vacations Basilicata
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