abruzzoAbruzzo has the second lowest population among the regions of Italy, which caused the historical development, together with the geographical conditions: the region is mostly covered by mountains and the main method for living was sheepfarming. Today after original mountain settlements remained aggregation of houses so it is worthy to diversify your holiday near sea with the trip to the mountains. In In the mountainous interior you can climb on Mount Gran Sasso which is with its height 2.914m the highest mountain in Italy. ( except Dolomites in the north ). It offers fantastic views of both seas which are next to Italy – Adriatic and Tyrrhenian. In dizzing land you can find more than 2 dozen of castles and chateaus and 4 national parks.

Near San Benedetto del Tronto ( region Marche ) which is considered as the main center of locality known as “Palm riviere” were built new centers : Martinsicuro, Alba Adriatica Tortoreto Lido and one of the biggest center Villa Rosa . Also called as Sette Sorelle (seven sisters) is 7 centers of Teramo province including Silvi Mariana, a spa town which was originally fishing village, is today one of the most visiting centers of the region. You can spend your holiday here in quiet entourage and also be near the busy centers with lots of entertainment options. The seaside promenade lined with palm trees marked trail is popular especially for lovers of cycling, rollerblading and jogging.

You can find many restaurants, cafes and bars. Centers are ideal for spending lovely holiday also thanks to the confortable climate. Further south the coast is more rocky, near sea lies little fishing villages with typical travocchi – small fishing huts raised by stilts, which are still used. In each town local market cannot be missed, which happens every week. Mareters begin to set their products at five o´clock and they leave about 13.30. In general, you can get fresher and cheaper seasonal products than in in stores, try to ask for a discount (sconto) for the purchase of clothes and similar goods.

If you want to visit this Italian region, select from the menu: Vacations Abruzzo
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